Monday, December 18, 2006

Pisano Matsubara FC

Hey Everyone! Well, we're new to this but just wanted to fill everyone in, the newly renditioned Pisano Matsubara Nostalgia Nitro '74 Vega is a tribute car to late Joe and Carmen Pisano and Sush Matsubara. The owner is Danny Pisano, son of Carmen and nephew of Joe and is driven by Todd Mallory. The car began construction mid-summer 2005. Recently completed, the Pisano Team has attended numerous shows but is yet to begin testing and racing. The most recent show being the Mooneyes Xmas Party '06 where the car took Best In Show. The team plans to begin testing in early February.

Crew members include; Danny Pisano, Todd Mallory, Mikey Mallory, Ed Dougan, Randy Hudson, Marcus Mallory and Mike Filleti. Sponsored by: Mothers Polishes, Waxes and Cleaners, Venolia Rods and Pistons, Worco, Hedman Hedders, Seat Source and

For more information contact Jessica Mallory at

We'll Keep Ya Posted!